Michael Bakerman who is the Director of Diamonds Direct Wholesalers and great grandson of Louis Stonefield who founded the chain Stonefield’s in 1918 is the fourth generation of Jewellers in his Family.

With 36 years experience in the jewellery trade, leaving school at 15 to work in the family business and then opening up his first shop on his own at the age of 21 in Wayfarers archade Southport. Michael then moved onto iconic Lord street in 2007 trading as Diamonds Direct Wholesalers.


Louis Stonefield

(Louis Stonefield)

Michaels great grandfather Louis Stonefield originally from Leeds founded Stonefield’s in 1918 opening shops in Sheffield and Southport.

Bernard & Sam Stonefield

(Above Jane Bakerman, Bernard & Betty Stonefield.)

Michaels grandfather Bernard and Uncle Sam then took over the Stonefield shops when Louis Retired and opened a third shop in the Makinson archade in Wigan. Bernard who was also a special policeman in WW11 married Betty Stonefield (Michaels grandmother) during the war and settled in Southport, therefore over saw the running of the Southport and Wigan branch and Sam ran Sheffield.

Pat Blaskey and Betty Stonefield

(Pat Blaskey and a member of staff outside Southport Stonefield’s.)

Bernard died and Sam retired and Pat (Michaels Aunty) and Betty Stonefield (Michaels grandmother) took over the successful business until they both retired.

Rodney Bakerman & Louise Stonefield

(Rodney Bakerman & Louise Stonefield)

Rodney (Michaels dad and Bernard and Betty’s
son and law) and Louise (Michael’s Aunty) then took over Stonefield’s until they both retired in 2003.


Rodney and Jane Bakerman

(Rodney and Jane Bakerman)

Rodney and Jane Bakerman (Michaels mum) brought Karmeys and sons, the jewellers in Wayfarers arcade, 36 years ago and are still the proud owners. Rodney is retired but Jane runs and works in the shop 6 days a week.